The Alternative Wave: Data Over Sound

Send And Receive Data Over Ultrasonic Connectivity

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SONARAX ultrasonic technology in 120 seconds


Enhancing WiFi, BT and NFC standards

Enables pairing between devices and transfer of data on both encrypted and open channels using sound waves

Data over sound technology - A world of solutions

The SONARAX SDK enables unparalleled implementation ease at a fraction of the cost of alternatives

For Fintech Services, Banking, eCommerce, Retail

  • Superior 2FA
  • Secure Log In
  • POS Secure Payments
  • Person-to-Person
  • Contactless ATM interaction
Sonarax data over soundSonarax - data over audio Sonarax Sonic QRindoor positioning system And Ultrasonic waves

For Advertisers, SMBs, Enterprises, Shopping Malls... We begin where GPS ends

  • Indoor positioning and indoor navigation
  • Asset tracking
  • Indoor AND outdoor location-based advertising
  • Activities data collection

For Retailers, Advertisers and Publishers, a groundbreaking Sonic QR

  • Embed a sonic message onto any streaming media
  • Sonic message broadcasting
  • Second screen
  • Ticketing & Entertainment

M2M Connectivity for appliance manufacturers, IoT and consumer electronics vendors

  • IoT pairing
  • Onsite additional (sonic) network
  • Out-of-Band (OOB) communication

For Smart Stadiums

  • Improve fan engagement in-location
  • Compete with home-entertainment
  • Incrase staduim profablitly
  • Improve security and facility management

Unique Indoor Navigation Capabilities

Our Key Advantages

Sonarax enables OOB (Out of Band) ultrasonic communication over soundwaves even when standard networks are not available (e.g., Internet, Telephony, GPS).

Communicate data wirelessly

Continuous communication between devices

Improved security

Sonarax’s solution enhances security without compromising User Experience.

Extremely fast deployment and reduced time to market

Sonarax allows for easy and rapid SDK integration and is easy to deploy and calibrate.

Cost effective

Sonarax eliminates the need for special or expensive hardware. Any device with a speaker and/or a microphone is 'Sonarax ready'.

Identification, authentication

Superior pairing

Advanced pairing between devices with higher degree of security and handshake identification between devices.

payment authentication

Superior authentication

Additional layers of device  ID verification enabling highly secure electronic transactions.

Location based services

Sound and fusion tech based indoor positioning.

Sonic QR

Sonic QR identifiers and message broadcasting.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration with 3rd party technologies and devices.

Full SDK

Our unique signal processing algorithms are wrapped in a professional SDK enabling rapid development of Sonarax based applications.

Power saving

Extremely power efficient vs. WiFi, BT, NFC and other short range communication standards.

Green (radiation free)

Zero RF emissions makes Sonarax the safest M2M protocol in existence.

SONARAX Software Development Kit (SDK)

Available for immediate implementation, SONARAX'S unique signal processing algorithms are wrapped in an
SDK that enables a cross-platform, cross OS solutions for all sonic
and ultrasonic use cases.

Supporting all operating systems and development environments

Enabling direction and distance filtering

Working in noisy and echoing environments

Low footprint (both memory and CPU)

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About Us

SONARAX is a leading solution provider of ultrasonic connectivity between devices, for triggering, identification and authentication. SONARAX has unique expertise and intellectual property
to master the ultrasonic domain. Sonarax enables Out-of-Band (OOB) communication, ensuring
that, with as little intervention as possible, all devices can interact with each other using a sonic interface.

Management Team

Benny Saban


Creating products and solutions, later to become industry standards; with over 20 years of experience; in fields of Mobile Financial Services, Big-Data Analytics, VR, Broadcast and more. Benny is the CEO of Sonarax as well as leading Product Management. Benny is always surrounded by music and books and enjoys philosophy, history and fine arts.

Galit Lev-Ran

VP Customer Success

Working with customers and partners all over the world for over 20 years. Assuring customer success and satisfaction through building good working relationships and trust. With success for the customers being a fundamental focus, Galit owns the full customer engagement cycle: Sales, Customer Success and Support. Galit enjoys traveling for pleasure and not only for business, as she enjoys trekking, taking pictures and meeting interesting people.

Assaf Pereg


13 years of experience in leading Finance teams for both Public and private companies in the High-Tech Industry. Vast expertise in financial planning & reporting , M&A activities and business performance. BA in Accounting and Economics, and MBA in Financial Management- both from the Tel Aviv University. Assaf loves travelling with his family, and going for long walks with his Labrador.

Guy Shofen


Customer-centric technical expert. B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Technion and a lifetime passion for startups. Loves digging into the small details and lives to create the perfect products. Guy loves hanging out with his kids, mostly to justify selling his motorbike.

Board of Directors

Uri Heller

Nimrod May

Mordechai Bignitz

Gadi Davidyan

Elan Sasson

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