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Access Control with Ultrasonic Keys

Make accessing places and cars most secure against theft with personalized virtual keys on mobile phones. The new era in shared mobility and shared access with ultrasonic keys that are as easy as a voice text message.

Make accessing places and cars most secure against theft with personalized virtual keys on mobile phones. The new era in shared mobility and shared access with ultrasonic keys that are as easy as a voice text message.

Ultrasonic Access Control Works

Sonarax’s ultrasonic keys are coded “silent” audio messages that are sent from a mobile phone app to any controlled access point device.  As a person holding a mobile phone nears the corresponding device, such as a car door, or a stadium gate, the mobile plays an audio (ultrasonic) code that is the virtual key. Because the message is in the form of sound waves, which are naturally confined within a specific location, the message itself confirms that the phone is right there at the access point. That natural quality, together with our tokenized security technology, transforms the message into a personalized, controlled key.

Unlike a physical key or keycard, an ultrasonic key can never be lost or stolen; it will simply be deleted and replaced. The messages are inaudible to humans, and, because Sonarax’s technology is fully serverless, with all data kept on the mobile phone, privacy and security are assured.

Shared Mobility For The Safest And Most Efficient Sharing

In today’s sharing economy, with homes, offices and cars regularly accessed by multiple different people who are not personally acquainted, secure shared keys are vital. And with Sonarax, they’re also easy to create, share and use. Our virtual keys, always unbreakable, can be hierarchical– ideal for shared short-term accommodation and shared mobility, as well as for sharing among family and friends.

Send a mobile phone a virtual key that is valid only for the apartment or car booking dates. Give your partner a virtual key allowing unlimited 24/7 access to the car, while the key your teenager gets is limited to certain hours. Lend your car to your friend or let them into your home to water your plants while you’re away. All permissions can be programmed and monitored, keeping you firmly in control.

Give A Great Key Experience. Yes There is Such a Thing!

Access Control Offer your customers a key experience that is as convenient as it is secure. With Sonarax ultrasonic access control, you can give them personalized, controlled keys to their valued locations and assets right on their phones.

Now there’s no need for separate keys for the house, car and office. No more keys adding bulk to pockets and bags, no extra plastic cards to carry around, and no more fumbling in the dark trying to fit the key into the keyhole.

Each virtual key can be smart, providing precise control over who can gain access and when. It can be valid only within certain dates, such as for a hotel guest, building tenant, or rental car driver, and only during certain hours, such as for a cleaning crew or tradesperson.

Crowd Access

Shorten lines and improve the arrival experience for concert goers, sports fans, museum visitors, and anyone attending mass events. You can send a virtual key to every ticket holder, enabling them to simply walk by the entrance gate with barely a pause. Virtual keys are also a great way to block ticket fraud and scalping as only the holders of mobile phones that have received virtual keys can get into your venue.

Along with this, Sonarax’ access control can help with crowd control. To immediately let large numbers of people in or out of agate, you can broadcast a virtual key to all mobile phones in your venue or in a specific area of your venue, to let people pass freely through specific gate or all gates.

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