Asset Tracking with
Ultrasonic Positioning

Asset Tracking with
Ultrasonic Positioning

Improve operations and efficiency
With real-time tracking of essential people and equipment

Improve operations and efficiency –
With real-time tracking of essential people and equipment

Ultrasonic Asset Tracking Works

Soundwaves can naturally be contained within a specific location. Think about cupping your hands around your mouth while whispering into someone’s ear; that sound is being confined and channeled from your hands towards the listening ear. Whether it’s sound or data that’s traveling on sound waves, the same principle works. That natural quality of sound waves, together with our proprietary algorithms, can pinpoint the whereabouts of any audio signal, with precision.

Any device that has a standard speaker and microphone can emit and receive an audio signal that is inaudible to humans, telling you exactly where it is.

Essential Staff

Many companies view their people as their greatest asset. Knowing where they are anytime during their shift can save precious time. For example, you can find a nearby maintenance worker to clean up a dangerous spill, locate and silently alert the nearest security guard to help with an angry customer, and quickly find any staff member when they’re needed for an urgent task.


Do staff or customers frequently move equipment from one place to another? Forget to return other items after use? With ultrasonic asset tracking there’s no need to send out staff to hunt for equipment. You’ll always know exactly in which examination room that EKG monitor is, which office currently has a portable projector, and where that cart has been abandoned.Even if the item is being moved as you’re looking for it, you’ll know in which direction it’s being taken.


When you know exactly where your site’s mobile assets are at all times, you can save time, reduce costs, and help keep operations running smoothly. Real-time, precise indoor positioning information empowers you to quickly make decisions on allocating equipment and assigning staff. Because you always know where all essential equipment is, you can more efficiently manage inventory, better utilizing what you have instead of overstocking. And. Instead of manually searching for essential staff members or interrupting staff and customers with loud requests over the PA system, you can instantly and silently reach direct the most-conveniently located staff members and direct them to where they are needed.

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