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Sonic Cue
(AKA Audio QR)

Sonic Cue
(AKA Audio QR)

Inaudible audio messages embedded in video content
A powerful way to get real-time analytics on TV ad viewers, add interactivity to ads, compete with second screen and drive conversions - all offline.  

Inaudible audio messages embedded in video content
A powerful way to get real time analytics on TV ad viewers, add interactivity to ads, compete with second screen and drive conversions - all offline.  

How “Silent”
Messages Work

Ultrasonic Cue embeds coded, ultrasonic signals into the soundtrack of any video file. The signals are inaudible to humans but can be heard by standard microphones, such as in a smartphone. It’s like a watermark that is invisible to the human eye but can be seen under a certain kind of light.

When TV, VOD or streaming video content with embedded Ultrasonic Cue signals play, nearby smartphones and tablets automatically receive the “silent” messages. Because it’s a purely audio signal, Sonic Cue works with any mobile phone or tablet, regardless of the SIM card. Only physical presence is needed – no pairing!

The CTA Loop With Analytics

In today’s environment of varied VOD and streaming options, how do you know when and where advertising is reaching consumers? And if you don’t know that, how do you decide where to put your advertising spend? With only TV video buys, the indicators are vague at best, based on correlating sales or activity spikes with broadcast schedules. And with fewer and fewer consumers viewing traditional broadcasts, the indicators have less value.

Adding Ultrasonic Cue changes the equation. Implemented in advertising in OTT and linear TV content, it provides precise data on when and where a consumer is when the ultrasonic code is received by the phone. You can easily see conversions, track that to revenue results, and make informed decisions about where best to invest.

Reach second screeners
with real-time campaign

Today, interactivity is the gold standard for web and email advertising and in social media. And now, it’s time for interactive advertising on TV.

Any company that has an app for its customers and advertises on TV can utilize Ultrasonic Cue to make its advertisements interactive. Ultrasonic Cue activates the app, which presents content, or sends messages directly to customers – no matter if they are watching a linear TV broadcast, VOD or streaming video.

Media companies can add voting and interactivity to VOD and streaming content and increase revenues by offering interactivity to new ad buyers. It’s also a powerful way to fight advertiser migration to social media video streaming.


Ultrasonic Cue enables brands and media companies to stay with their audiences across devices, apps, networks and physical location, for a true omni-channel retail experience. Whether your customers see video content on a screen – at home, in the mall or store, at the sports bar or movies, or anywhere else – you can reach them with context-specific messages.

Even when home viewers switch to their second screen during commercial breaks, you can stay with them, driving action via their smartphone. It’s another powerful way to increase the profitability of television advertising.

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