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Instantly Reach Vast Audiences with One Ultrasonic Broadcasting

Instantly Reach Vast Audiences with One Ultrasonic Broadcasting

Take 1:Many communication to a new level  
Easily and cost-effectively engage with customers and drive immediate action with your existing PA system

Improve operations and efficiency –
With real-time tracking of essential people and equipment

Ultrasonic Broadcasting Works

Sonarax’s sonic broadcasting enables you to instantly communicate to people who are present in an enclosed space – an entire venue or just part of it. Since every stadium, arena, concert hall or airport already has a PA system, it can be used to play a message. There is no need for the Internet or use of the cellular network, its just speakers and microphones.

Messages in the form of coded, ultra sonic signals (sounds) are sent to mobile devices, instantly reaching everyone present who has your app. In an emergency, the signals can be sent to all the smartphones in the location. The signals are inaudible to humans but can be heard by smartphone microphones.

The signals can convey a message or activate specific phone features. Because it’s a purely audio signal, Sonarax’s ultra sonic broadcasting works with any mobile phone smart or otherwise, regardless of theSIM card. Only physical presence is needed – no pairing!

Low-Cost & Effective

Drive excitement and engagement by broadcasting silent messages to everyone present who has your app installed on their phone –without the dependency or costs of using the internet or cellular network.  There is no need to install beacons of any kind. All you need is your existing speakers.

There’s no difference whether you want to reach 50 people, or 50,000.  You can easily alert waiting travelers of a flight delay or gate change without depending on them to understand the PA announcement.

At arenas and stadiums, when your team scores a goal, activate the smartphone flashlights in turn by seating area, creating an electronic “wave”. Or, at a concert, bring the electronic effects show to fans’ hands by activating their phones to flash in time with the music.


Besides turning on mobile phone lights to rhythm or creating an electronic ‘wave’, proximity marketing with special offers to anyone holding your app at a sport event, concert, airport or grocery store is also a great opportunity for customer engagement with the equipment you already own in your location.

Reach mass numbers of customers with timely marketing messages that prompt action, right at the time they are most receptive and able to act – when they’re already in your store or venue and engaged with your offering.

You can let shoppers know there is a half-hour special on a certain brand and show them a floor plan to help them find it. Offer frequent flyers who have checked in a food voucher for a café near their gate.At game halftime, offer all fans in the stands discounts for swag or up coming events.

Instant Action
In Emergencies

If there’s an emergency at a mass event, such as a concert, movie screening, sports events or other large public gathering, cellular and WiFi networks can easily be overloaded, and PA systems are often ineffective due to noise and panic.

With Sonorax’s ultrasonic broadcasting you can instantly wake up and reach every smartphone at the venue – no network or pairing needed. You can instantly update everyone on the situation, tell them which exits are open or blocked, and even direct people in different areas to different exits. The messages will get through regardless of conditions, even if the lights are out and there’s noise all around.

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