Frictionless transactions in the real world

Stay in step with your customers across all transaction channels. Sonic data transfer enables a digital-like experience – a reliable, delightful, and frictionless engagement, everywhere.

Frictionless & Secure
It's A Sonic Handshake

A unique, one-time sonic token provides ad-hoc pairing between a mobile phone and any online screen. Customers can conduct all kinds of financial transactions easily and immediately. No SMS or Sonic Cue codes. No man-in-the-middle threats. No friendly frauds. This unique approach provides strong second-factor authentication (2FA) and meets PSD2-SCA requirements.

Anywhere, Anytime
No Network Needed

No network available? No WiFi or Bluetooth coverage? No problem. Sonic data transfer doesn’t need any of it. Regardless of weather, ambient noise, or echoes, a Sonarax sonic token makes it through. It cannot be heard by humans and does not disturb animals, so it really can go anywhere you need it. It’s software only, embedded in your application or solution, and needs no special hardware, making it cost-effective to deploy and maintain. It supports every OS and development environment.

Right here.
Right now.
Unprecedented location precision

Sonic indoor positioning outperforms GPS by pinpointing location to an accuracy of a few square centimeters, thus enabling extraordinarily personalized services. With Sonarax embedded in your app, you can provide contact less ATM interactions, location-based triggering of user-specific content and services, and indoor way finding in your branch, or anywhere. The high degree of location precision also enables data collection and asset tracking.

Omni Channel
Revenues and Fundraising

Deliver a uniform, omni-channel experience for cashless transactions of all kinds. Payments can be in-store (both attended and unattended), with no need for NFC hardware. Digital payments, including P2P and micro-merchant can be anonymous,with no mobile phone needed. ATM interactions can be contactless, with no need to remember pin codes or swipe cards. Instead, transactions are pre-staged on the user’s phone and a sonic token closes the loop for identification. Ultra-precise location and indoor positioning enables highly personalized in-branch services.

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