Mobile Payments
As Private as Cash
P2P & Person to SMB

An ultrasonic-pairing method for your customers to use for nearby mobile payments. All without sharing email, mobile or bank details. Easy as a sonic handshake.

Reaching Small Merchants

Now your mobile payment app can offer micro-merchants and small retail business customers a mobile payment processing method they can afford. Research shows that banks and other payments providers are missing out on a lucrative revenue opportunity by not reaching the very small retails, the local food truck, street seller or open-market merchant, or SMB businesses like a single-person owned law office, accountant or any small service provider.

It's a Sonic Handshake

Ad-hoc pairing becomes a sonic handshake between two devices. It’s a perfect alternative to the familiar Bluetooth (BT) QR Code, or to NFC, using ultrasonic instead of radio waves. No need for special alignment, nor a camera, nor a screen, and no special hardware.  Any nearby mobile sonically recognizes its sending or receiving mobile partner. Select 'Receive' or 'Send' to pay sonically as easily as exchanging cash.  It is automatic, no learning curve for clients.

It's Really Anonymous to Anyone Nearby

Now you can transfer money to anyone, even those not in your contacts. Instead of searching for a contact, select 'Nameless' or 'Occasional Pay' option to transfer a payment. No need to reveal your identity, your bank, phone, or email details to occasional ad-hoc payments. It’s like temporarily turning your mobile phone to cash. It works just like Google Pay's 'Cash Mode'.

It's a Sonic Token

This is the safest and most reliable token authentication, because sound waves travel instantaneously and directly between mobiles without the need for manual human intervention; no SMS, no email, and therefore not open to hacks. Unlike Bluetooth and NFC, tokens become useless as soon as it is received (heard) by the partner device. No man-in-the-middle threats, or friendly frauds are possible. A sonic token has the required "Second Factor Authentication" (2FA or SCA). Totally reliable because sound always works. All you need is a microphone or speaker which every mobile phone has no matter how old. The transaction is anonymous between payee and payer. Whichever bank app or mobile payment app is used keeps thefinancial records.

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