Free Demo Application

Sonarax’s demo app provides simple featured examples of ultrasonic solutions.
The demo app can be used as a convenient starting point for understanding the simplicity of using data transfer over sound.

Free Available Demos

How It Works:

Step 1-2 - Must Haves

  1. Run the Sonarax application and
    complete the registration process.
  2. Install the Sonarax app from
    App Store | Google Play Store.

Step 3-4 - In The App

  1. Navigate to the 2FA demo.
  2. Make sure your computer’s speakers are on
  3. Complete the 1st factor authentication
    using your fingerprint or pin.
    Important notice: Speakers
  4. Must be on for the demo

Step 5-6 - On The 2FA Page

  1. Enter your email address and login.

Emoji Chat Demo Instructions

  1. Run the Sonarax Application on two phones.
  2. Click on Emoji Chat on both phones.
  3. Send each other Emojis via ultrasound
    * to prevent echo – do not send simultaneously.

Sonic Cue Demo Instructions

  1. Download the Sonarax App for the chosen platform from here:
    Android or IOS. You can find the App in each store as Sonarax as well.
  2. Install and Run the Sonarax Application.
  3. Open the Sonarax Application.
  4. Select Sonic CUE (QR)
  5. Optional (Android Only): To listen to Sonic-CUE in the background,
    click– Run In Background.
  6. Make sure your computer speakers are on and play Sonarax movie.