GEM integrates Sonarax’s technology into its museum app

Sonarax and GEM Join Forces to Bring Ultrasonic Tech-powered Wayfinding and Indoor Positioning to Museums

GEM integrates Sonarax’s technology into its museum app, enabling visitors to interact with displays and assisting with indoor positioning, all through sound waves

Sonarax - the ultrasonic communication technology company, announces a partnership with GEM (, the mobile app that creates relationships between museums and their audiences. The tech pioneers will work together to enhance visitor experience with indoor positioning, wayfinding, and interactive displays.

GPS navigation may lead you to the museum itself, but it only drops you off at the front door. Sonarax’s ultrasonic technology, delivered through GEM’s app, picks up the slack, assisting visitors with indoor positioning to help them navigate from exhibit to exhibit at ease. Once they’ve reached each exhibit, visitors will be able to interact with the displays through their mobile phones -- no WiFi or mobile data required. Furthermore, when entering a specific room, the visitor will be able to see the relevant items on their mobile phone and select the relevant audio description. Sonarax’s technology, which communicates data through soundwaves, makes it possible, offering visitors a seamless and reliable user experience.

Sonarax has created the leading ultrasonic communication protocol, having established a new standard in the field of transmitting data over sound. To date, it remains the only company that has been able to fully demonstrate a working ultrasonic indoor navigation system while in movement and without being connected to the internet.

“Outdoor navigation has advanced to such an extent that GPS has largely eliminated physical maps,” says Sonarax CEO Benny Saban. “It’s high time for that kind of revolution to move indoors and offer people a digital experience in the physical world; this is a key element in keeping folks engaged.”

“We wish to create a meaningful relationship between museums and visitors before, during, and after the tour,” says COO & Co-Founder of GEM Yahav Spinrad. “Bringing digital innovation to the sector of museums is the way to attract the younger generations and create seamless cultural and educational experiences. GEM will implement the Sonarax wayfinding solution at a prominent Budapest museum, and it will announce the museum as soon as the technology goes live.”

About Sonarax:

Sonarax is a deep tech technology company, which develops the most advanced “Data over Sound” protocol enabling ultra-secure Machine-to-Machine connectivity. The protocol empowers Location-Based-Services from marketing to P2P payment, access control, IoT connectivity, off-line user engagement, and unique indoor navigation. Sonarax’s award-winning, unique, and proprietary IP is well recognized by leaders in the academy and industry.

About GEM:

GEM is a personalized mobile app for visitors in museums that creates a relationship between museums and their audiences before, during, and after their visit. GEM uses AI and big-data analytics to transform each tour into a unique and memorable experience

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