Ultrasonic technology will keep you touched during your Corona days

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The Data over Sound protocol can be an effective and immediate solution that allows the mobile device to be used as a “third hand”, so that we can run freely in the public and business spaces without human contact

Companies all over the world are massively searching for the technology to help treat and remedy the corona, but in the meantime, we should also look for technologies that will help us manage as routinely as possible.

Over the past two months we have been discovering more and more details about the Corona virus that is affecting most countries of the world. One of the most worrying details, besides its infection rate, is the ability of the virus to survive on various surfaces – paper products, plastics, metals, and more. Each such discovery brings with it new guidelines and forces us to take additional precautions; We are committed to maintaining distance, maximum hygiene, social isolation and, of course, to completely avoid contact with switches, elevators, office controllers, emergency rooms, ATMs, payment machines, cash use and more.

As long as we are at home we do not feel so much about how touch is part of our lives, and how difficult it is to manage when thinking about all our movement. Even when we start taking control of the virus, returning to the routine will be slow and we will still have to think about it first.

Ultrasonic technology is an effective and immediate solution that allows the mobile device to be used as our “third hand”, so that we can operate freely in the public and business spaces without any human contact, but only through the mobile device.

Just a microphone and speaker

The Data Over Sound communication protocol allows the transmission of ultrasonic sound waves that are not audible to the human ear. That is, they do not interfere with day-to-day conduct and do not require any special preparation on our part, but any device equipped with a loudspeaker or microphone, such as a smartphone or laptop, embedded in which the communication protocol can send and receive encrypted and personal information, regardless of Internet or WiFi or cellular or glandular '. The protocol is software-based only, and can be integrated into an existing application, providing an effective, inexpensive, convenient, and easy-to-implement solution on any operating system and hardware on the market.

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Thus, Data over Sound technology can be a solution to our day-to-day operations that typically involve contacting another person or product, such as making transactions such as payment transfers (all it takes is a microphone and speaker), communication between the business and the consumer, or identity verification via sound waves.

But why transmit ultrasonic sound wave information when there is WiFi and glands? The Corona virus forces us to adapt to material changes in our daily behavior, and ultrasonic technology has some features that are precisely and inherently integrated into the current routine:

– Accuracy test. Sound waves have a unique feature that allows them to accurately determine physical location, even within enclosed buildings, parking lots and places without reception. This allows you to keep the guidelines, such as two meters away, and make sure that no more than a few people are pre-defined.

Hardware and cost. Sound waves use existing hardware, a speaker and a microphone that exist on any mobile phone, computer, screen, drinking and snack machines (Vending machines) and many other devices. This means that the cost of implementation is low compared to any other software solution.

– Works anywhere and anytime. A sound-wave protocol is a complete offline solution, and because it does not require an Internet connection, it can support ongoing work at any time and place.

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