Ultrasonic touch free solutions to stop the spread of coronavirus

Social distancing and isolation have become our reality, quickly changing the way people go about their daily routines. To help minimize the risk of surface contact, a new technological solution based on ultrasound could help.

Whether you are embarking on your grocery shop to whether you are remote working, the coronavirus pandemic has made a significant impact. Consequently, most people in the world is in need of new ways to limit their exposure and stop the virus’ spread.

A novel approach is with ultrasound. Sonarax Technologies, the deep-tech ultrasonic connectivity company, has recently announced the availability of new touchless solutions to help prevent COVID-19 transmission through shared public touch screens.

The Sonarax approach enables any person to execute their day-to-day actions, such as pressing the elevator buttons or swiping your card on their mobile phone through an ultrasonic connectivity protocol.

There are several ultrasound technologies emerging for biometric purposes. Sensor technologies rage from classic piezoelectric or piezocomposite transducers to more recent capacitive and piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducers.

The touch-free solution enables people to access a digital entrance without touching any gating device. This is based on the application of ultrasonic waves, which function to send data between devices equipped with a speaker.

This means that instead of simply tapping in an entrance code or placing your finger onto a biometric doorway, the ultrasound technology removes the risk of being infected by the virus through touching shared electronically gating devices.

For those who are required to attend the workplace (such as key workers) ultrasound can also be used as an attendance solution. An example is as an alternative to biometric-fingerprint. In this context, such technology can work via a person’s smartphone.

Ultrasound can also assist people in maintaining social distancing, via an app. Here users can grant microphone permission, and receive warnings if they advance too close to someone walking in front of them.

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