How To Select An Ultrasound Connectivity Provider?

Why our innovation is superior:

comparison with other technologies and similar companies

Sonarax’s technology offers a number of advantages compared to older, more traditional alternatives. Sonarax is the only data-over-sound protocol that is able to function perfectly while the device is in motion and without the need for an internet connection, capable of distinguishing distance and direction at an accuracy measured in centimetres, an accuracy no GPS device offers. As described extensively previously, Sonarax is also the only technology that can instantly verify physical presence, while supporting any selected data encryption method, a combination that allows for a number of operations that should benefit from the highest level of security available, such as consumers’ transactions at ATMs.

The Competitive Differences to Look for in Ultrasonic Connectivity:

● Superior bitrate.

● Ability to plan installation based on the ability to calculate distance between two devices.  This allows for a more accurate and reliable positioning regardless of amplitude.

● Ability to harvest the Doppler effect to accurately calculate velocity to and from a sound source.

● Error correction, eco mediation and noise filtering offering close to a zero false negative.

● Ability to tokenize for authentication solution of session verification into authentication schemes.

● Motion / navigation.

● An ultrasonic solution that has partnerships with large OEM chip and DSP manufacturers that embed this type of software capability, such as Cadence, CEVA, Knowles, DSPG, ARM etc.

Sonarax’s key technological advantages:

1) Highest Market Performance

Only flexible SDK for distances from 20 cm to 35 meters M2M, and up to hundreds of meters broadcast mode connections.

2) A Secure Solution:

The only technology that can verify physical presence between devices and support any selected data encryption.

3) Only Indoor Navigation in Motion:

Capable of distinguishing distance and direction.

4) Strong IP:

Three patents in the US and EU in various approval stages; top industry scientific accolades.

5) Software Only Solution:

Supports all OSs with minimal signature over memory, processing, and battery power.

6) No Special Hardware:

Uses any device with a commodity mic or a speaker, (e.g., mobile phones).

7) Analytics:

Enables data collection of communication events anonymously, for analytics purposes, using AI and machine learning tools.

8) Green Tech:

No electromagnetic radiation, unlike Wi-Fi & Bluetooth.

Furthermore, Sonarax’s technology is highly adaptable and flexible as it can be easily installed in different devices, while also being the most cost-effective solution available in the market. Its higher level of security also sets Sonarax’s technology apart – since it allows for a direct over-the-sound verification between two devices, it prevents the so called man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks, where an attacker is able to stealthily alter the communication between two parties. Furthermore, Sonarax is also the only company to offer a flexible software development kit (SDK) for a machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity solution that works from 20 centimetres up to 35 meters and which offers broadcast mode connections that work over hundreds of meters.

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