Sonarax Ultrasonic Press Releases

Sonarax Ultrasonic Press Releases

OCTOBER 3, 2019

Sonarax and Stimshop Win Worldline e-Payments Challenge in Their Category Offering Ultrasonic Cashless Payments and Personalization for Retailers

FRANKFURT, Germany & HAIFA, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sonarax (, the ultrasonic connectivity software technology company, announces that it has won the challenges of “In-store ultrasound mobile payment” and “In-store ultrasound biometric authentication,” at Worldline’s e-Payments Challenge, alongside Stimshop ( The two sound-wave pioneers presented their in-store, ultrasound cashless payment solution, which offers Marketpay, a subsidiary of Carrefour, the opportunity to implement the technology in its supermarkets globally. The companies’ award-winning solution is set to pave the future of user experience in retail, addressing solutions for mobile payments, ID & authentication, and IoT pairing, extending the digital experience into the real world.
The ultrasonic technology optimizes user experience for both cashier and self-checkout payments using ultrasonic waves. Sonarax and Stimshop’s suggested solution would offer consumers in supermarkets the ability to automatically connect their smartphones with the cash register upon approach -- no internet required. While waiting in line, the technology would provide coupons for special offers and loyalty points for long waits. The self-checkout experience would enable a hands-free experience -- all interactions are executed on the kiosk POS. Altogether, the payment method presents a frictionless, uniform, and secure user experience.All processing is done locally on-device without exposing the user to a third-party provider. The same protocol works on all mobile phones, too, and consumes minimal battery life.“We are immensely proud of meeting Worldline’s challenges and knowing we can offer MarketPay and other Carrefour subsidiaries the best customer experience in their stores,” says Sonarax CEO Benny Saban. “The goal here is to extend the seamlessness of the digital world into the real world, all while ensuring security and privacy. Ultrasonic waves are the way, and Sonarax is proud to be spearheading the initiative.Learn more about the challenge here:

february 27, 2019

Sonarax unveils a novel ultrasonic device-to-device communication protocol

The protocol provides new advantages that enhance WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, and other short-range communication standards. First applications include superior mobile payments, authentication, IoT connectivity, and indoor navigation.

Barcelona - February 20th, 2019 -- Sonarax, the ultrasonic communication technology company, unveils a new standard in machine-to-machine (m2m) connectivity allowing devices to communicate with one another using sound waves.

January 05, 2019

SONARAX to unveil its new protocol at MWC 

This year, MWC is all about intelligent connectivity as a central theme for the most central trade show for the mobility technologies world. SONARAX aims to demonstrate a disruptive M2M connectivity with novel wireless communication protocol to be unveiled at MWC.

October 08, 2018

Sonarax participates in Plug&Play Fintech Europe second batch

“Sonarax provides out-of-band connectivity over sound waves, beyond the human hearing range, enabling smooth and continuous Machine2Machine connection anytime, anywhere for connectivity, authentication and positioning.“

October 08, 2018

Introducing IA8508 - The World's First Context-aware, Machine Learning Optimized Audio Processor

Benny Saban, CEO, Sonarax: “Sonarax is extremely honored to partner with an industry leader such as Knowles. We consider audio to be the ultimate means for out-of-band communication and the audio processor to be the ultimate sensor. Sonarax provides audio based secure connection, distance measurement, pairing and authentication between devices, thus, our unique technology together with Knowles’ state-of-the-art processor, makes a perfect fit to match current and future market demands.”

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