Smart Museum

Add a new dimension to the museum experience, with high-precision location-based services using data over sound. Explore new potential for engagement, enjoyment, and efficiency.

And Educate

Now it’s time to advance beyond audio tours. Integrating Sonarax ultrasonic connectivity in your app and/or your visitor devices opens a host of ways to augment exhibitions with textual,voice or visual information and interactive content. Instead of requiring visitors to enter a number or scan a code at each exhibit, enriched content can be delivered organically. As visitors move from exhibit to exhibit, it can be activated automatically or with a tap on the app. With Sonarax, you can easily change content as new exhibitions open, and just as easily adjust location resolution according to the exhibition and space.

And Guide

No network available? No WiFi or Bluetooth coverage? No problem. Sonic data transfer doesn’t need any of it. Regardless of weather, ambient noise, or echoes, a Sonarax sonic token makes it through. It cannot be heard by humans and does not disturb animals, so it really can go anywhere you need it. It’s software only, embedded in your application or solution, and needs no special hardware, making it cost-effective to deploy and maintain. It supports every OS and development environment.


Increase your site security and enhance your management capabilities. Sonic positioning out-performs GPS by pinpointing location to an accuracy of a few square centimeters. And it works both indoors and outdoors, between buildings, in sculpture gardens and parking lots,and even in underground parking. You can track security guards and other essential staff in-doors and provide distress buttons for the duty security officer. Automate line-free ticketing,control access to special exhibitions and events and shorten lines, using sonic QR codes. And gather anonymous data on visitors’ routes, for informed decision-making.

Revenues and Fundraising

Boost sales across all your activities, through existing and new channels – including onsite ticket counters, stores and restaurants, online stores and ticketing, promotion of lectures and events, and payment for extended visit hours. Trigger more purchase-es through proximity marketing, personalized member programs, and frictionless mobile payments powered by sonic data transfer.

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