The Smart Stadium
With Data-Over-Sound

Sports stadiums are facing an uphill battle for fans’ attention. Thanks to personal entertainment systems that keep us away from live experiences, fewer people are attending major sporting events than in years past, now stadiums are investing in technology to bring people back into the stands. Sports venues need to adopt the latest communications technology to improve game day experiences for both operators and fans.

SONARAX data over sound helps stadium owners to improve fan engagement ,compete with home entertainment, increase stadium profitability and Improve security and facility management.

Improve FanEngagement

  • Vistor Orienation & Wayfinding
  • Broadcasting content at location & while TV Watching
  • Loyalty progarms trigger markeing
  • Physical, Virtual and unattended Ticket stores
  • Audio Guided tours

Revnue Accleration

  • Impulse Shopping with Moblie paymnets
  • Proximity Trigger Retail Marketing
  • Valuable Annoymized Data on Visitor Behavior
  • Extend Fan Engagement home Viewers with Sonic qRs
  • Engage TV Watchers

Improve Security and Facility Management

  • Faster Tickrting with SonicQR Instaed of Grafic QRs
  • Acses Control with shorter lines, Croded managemnt & Reduced Ticekt Fraud
  • Asset and Essentail Staff Tracking indors

The Alternative Wave: Data Over Sound technology

Sonarax developed a sonic communication protocol that offers an alternative to Wi-Fi, BT and NFC connectivity. Instead of using radio waves, Sonarax uses sound waves. Its breakthrough scientific award-winning acoustic algorithms are patent-pending.

Sonarax only needs an ordinary speaker and microphone to send and receive data between devices, as exists in every common mobile phone. The sound used is ultrasonic and is unheard by people.